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When you’re bothered by little bumps all over your face, you may have milia. At SilkySkin Laser Center in Clackamas, Oregon, medical esthetician, Norma Kahl, and her staff specialize in the latest technologies, including ultrasonic and high-frequency technology, to deeply cleanse your skin of impurities that become trapped and cause cysts to form. Find out if you’re a candidate for nonsurgical treatment of milia by calling SilkySkin Laser Center today.

Milia Removal Q & A

What are milia?

Milia are small white or yellow cysts that develop on the face and all over the body, often in clusters. The small bumps grow under the surface of the skin, especially around your cheeks and eyelids. Though common in infants, milia can also develop in people of all ages.

The root cause of milia involves keratin, a skin protein that can get trapped under your skin. The bumps may also form when skin flakes get stuck in the skin.

Though generally harmless, milia can interfere with your self-confidence and satisfaction in the appearance of your skin. You may also be prone to scratching the bumps, which can lead to infection and permanent skin damage.

How are milia treated?

The team at SilkySkin Laser Center offers comprehensive care to treat milia and improve your overall skin health. They offer two technologies that focus on cleansing the skin and removing impurities to eliminate the cysts. These technologies include:

Ultrasonic Technology

Ultrasonic facials use high-level ultrasonic sound waves that rapidly vibrate the deeper layers of your skin to release dead skin cells, impurities, and bacteria. This deep level cleaning can eliminate the trapped keratin or skin flakes to treat milia and boost overall skin health.

High-frequency Technology

High-frequency facials deliver low levels of electrical currents directly into the skin to deeply cleanse away impurities and trapped keratin to eliminate milia. Treatment also increases blood flow to the area to enhance the texture and tone of your skin.

What are the benefits of milia treatments?

Both ultrasonic and high-frequency facials address the root cause of milia, effectively cleansing the skin without the need for invasive procedures, skin-damaging chemicals, or medications.

The SilkySkin Laser Center providers are skilled in creating a treatment plan that’s right for your skin type and the severity of your condition. By using ultrasonic or high-frequency technology to treat milia, you don’t have to worry about infections or scars.

Immediately after your treatment, you can go back to your usual activities without any limitations or the need for recovery.

If you’re bothered by milia on your face and want to learn more about your noninvasive treatment options, schedule a consultation by calling SilkySkin Laser Center today.