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Skin tags are harmless, but may interfere with how you feel about your skin’s appearance. At SilkySkin Laser Center in Clackamas, Oregon, the skin experts, including medical esthetician, Norma Kahl, offers in-office, nonsurgical solutions for removing skin tags. Using the latest technologies, the staff can safely remove painful skin tags without damaging the surrounding skin. Find out how you can finally get rid of irritating skin tags without incisions by calling SilkySkin Laser Center today.

Skin Tag Removal Q & A

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are soft skin growths that often form on areas of your body prone to friction, including the folds of your neck, your eyelids, breasts, and groin.

The growths are actually loose fibers of collagen that get trapped in thicker areas of skin because of frequent friction. You may also be at increased risk for having multiple skin tags because of hormonal changes, such as during pregnancy or menopause, or because of underlying health conditions, like type 2 diabetes.

Though generally harmless, skin tags in certain areas of your skin can become painful if they often get stuck in your clothing or jewelry. You may also wish to remove skin tags when they affect how you feel about your appearance.

How are skin tags treated?

The team at SilkySkin Laser Center offers two treatment technologies that can safely remove skin tags.

High-frequency facials

High-frequency facial technology delivers low levels of electrical currents into the skin tag. The energy only touches the surface of your skin to remove the bothersome skin tag quickly and with little discomfort.

Ultrasonic facials

Ultrasonic technology for facials uses high-level sound waves to remove skin tags without the need for invasive incisions and without causing damage to the skin.

Your SilkySkin Laser Center provider can determine which technology is the best fit for the location and size of your skin tag. Although these nonsurgical treatments can often remove the skin tag in just one visit, you may need additional treatments to address larger skin tags.

What are the benefits of noninvasive skin tag removal procedures?

The SilkySkin Laser Center team performs both high-frequency and ultrasonic procedures in-office to safely remove skin tags with minimal discomfort.

Because treatment requires no incisions or surgery, you don’t have to worry about risks for scarring or infection. You also can return to your usual activities immediately after treatment without any limitations or the need for recovery.

Ultrasonic and high-frequency technology can remove skin tags on all types of skin and increase your satisfaction with both your skin’s health and appearance.

Schedule a consultation by phone at SilkySkin Laser Center today to learn more about your options for skin tag removal.