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Ultrasonic facials are a noninvasive way to reduce puffiness in your face, tone facial muscles, and revive the youthful tone and texture of your skin. At SilkySkin Laser Center in Clackamas, Oregon, medical esthetician, Norma Kahl, and the skilled aesthetic professionals offer in-office ultrasonic facials, using the latest technologies. Facials are noninvasive and provide long-lasting skin rejuvenation benefits. To learn more about the effectiveness of ultrasonic facials, call SilkySkin Laser Center today to schedule a consultation.

Ultra Sonic Facial Q & A

What is an ultrasonic facial?

An ultrasonic facial is a skin care treatment that uses high-level sound wave technology to penetrate the tissue below the surface of your skin. The sound wave energy stimulates natural cellular renewal in your body, repairing damaged skin cells.

Ultrasonic facial technology also is beneficial for achieving healthier skin and enhancing your overall experience by:

  • Toning muscles
  • Increasing blood circulation
  • Reducing puffiness and swelling

Additionally, this type of treatment encourages better lymphatic drainage, which reduces your risk of developing new blackheads, whiteheads, and acne breakouts. Ultrasonic facials can treat milia, cysts that develop on the skin because of trapped proteins or flakes of skin.

The SilkySkin Laser Center staff also use ultrasonic technology to safely remove skin tags that are painful or frequently get caught in clothing or jewelry.

What happens during an ultrasonic facial?

An ultrasonic facial involves the application of a handheld device with an attached metal plate that vibrates rapidly as it moves across your skin. The ultrasonic vibrations deeply penetrate the layers of your skin to remove dirt, grime, and other debris within your pores.

As it cleanses the skin, the ultrasonic technology loosens the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal the new skin underneath.

Treatment with ultrasonic technology also stimulates the natural healing ability of your body, triggering the increased production of collagen to tone facial muscles and boost the overall health of your skin.

Your SilkySkin Laser Center provider can determine how deep exfoliation should be based on your treatment goals and your overall skin health.

Immediately after your treatment, you can begin to see a noticeable tightness in your skin and pores will appear smaller. The SilkySkin Laser Center team applies high-quality skin serums following your ultrasonic facial to deeply moisturize your skin. 

What are the benefits of an ultrasonic facial?

One of the biggest benefits of an ultrasonic facial is that treatment helps your body absorb skin moisturizers and serums more efficiently than before treatment. This ensures you receive the full benefit of the nutrients in the skin care products you use.

Following your facial, you can go back to your usual activities without the need for recovery or downtime. 

Because ultrasonic facials increase your supply of collagen, the treatment offers the added benefit of long-term results for younger, firmer skin. In the weeks after treatment, new collagen forms adding volume to your skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

To find out if an ultrasonic ultrasound is right for you, contact SilkySkin Laser Center today to schedule a skin evaluation.